I was going to a job interview. It was really hard for me to choose what to wear since my clothing isn't very subtle or how do I say it, I'm not used to dressing subtly. So How do I appear proper and right for the job when I usually pretty much look like a freak. well I failed the interview pretty badly haha. Don't really want to tell about it but I makybe too much of a fancy pants for them they said.

But I've heard that it's easier to get a job if you don't have make up on. so looking like shit will get you hired! haha. Well okay you can look good w/o make up too but I have so bad skin I barely ever leave the house with out a bit of foundation.

the pikachu sticker was made by my lovely friend Simona reflected-pressure.deviantart.com/

kestin kauan ennen kuin jaksoin laittaa eimainoksia oveen. siinä vaiheessa kun en enää nähnyt keittiön pöytää mainoksien alta ajattelin että nyt vois tehhä asialle jotain..

OH AND THAT LITTLE MONSTER THERE WAS DRAWN BY reflected-pressure.deviantart.com/ as well. she draws the cutest things. go check them out. : )