fuck I have to write all of this all over damn I'm trying to stay calm..



only in finnish sorry:



So how did I make this dress?

First you have to go get some leaves.

So go to the source. A tree.

Or a car.

Now you have lots of leaves! Wait for them to dry thought.

Start gluing them together.

cut out the ends of the leaves cause they itch.

Maple leafs have taken over my bathroom.

Had to go get a lot more leaves since the pile I had gotten before wasn't even nearly enough.

First tried to make it strapless like this. Looks more like a carpet thought.

Added the straps so it would stay on better.

Then finished! It looks better in this picture cause it was still smooth and not all raggedy with pieces falling off like in the pictures from the photoshoot.

There's a hole there now too. great-


Well that's all! The longest post ever.

Thanks for reading, you peeps! <3